• Track Call Durations For Contacts In Your Calls Accountant Contact List
    • Calls Accountant will track your inbound and outbound call durations. You have the ability to select and
      create logs for incoming calls, outgoing calls or both.
  • Create Manual “Sessions” For In-Person Meeting Durations.
    • Keep track of your in-person meeting durations with the touch of a button for easy billing.
  • Reports Are Available By Contact, By Day, By Month, By Session Or By Calls.
    • Calls Accountant is flexible and allows you to export information in various ways to fit your needs –
      Calls Only, Sessions Only or All Records.
  • Export Reports To A Variety Of Applications Including Dropbox, Gmail, Bluetooth, Email, and More. *
    • Easy export in CSV format allows your reports to be opened with Excel or imported into your external
      accounting system.
  • Assign Billing Values For Calls And Sessions, By Contact.
    • With Calls Accountant you can easily assign a specific billing rate for calls and in-person sessions, per
  • Round Up Calls And Sessions To The Nearest Minute For Standardized Billing.
    • Calls Accountant allows you to calculate precise to the second or round up to a full minute.
  • Create Notes For Each Call Or Session.
    • A convenient feature that allows you to create notes, pertaining to your call or in-person session. Notes
      are included in your exported reports.
  • Real-Time Reporting.
    • Calls Accountant provides real-time reporting, so at any time you can view your call or session
      durations and billable amount.

* Export capabilities limited to additional applications loaded on Android Smartphone