Please review the below frequently asked questions before contacting us.

How do I set up my client contacts in my mobile phone to use Calls Accountant?
Simply tap the icon in the upper right hand corner and choose a contact to add to your Calls
Accountant Application, assign billing values to this contact number and the app will begin
tracking inbound and/or outbound calls.
Does Calls Accountant track both my inbound and outbound calls?
Yes, you can choose to have inbound calls, outbound calls or both logged.
Can I assign various billing rates?
Yes, you can assign a different billing rate based on the client and also for calls and sessions.
How do I edit rates for a Contact?
Tap and hold on the Contact name. The Contact Menu will appear and from there you can
choose Edit to change rates.
How do I Start / Stop a Session?
Tap and hold on the Contact name. The Contact Menu will appear and from there you tap Start
Session, choose from the notification choices, and tap OK. You will then see the timer begin.
To end the session, simply tap and hold again and choose Stop Session from the Contact Menu.
How do I delete a Contact?
Tap and hold on the Contact name. The Contact Menu will appear, choose Delete, and tap OK.
How do I view my daily call and session log?
Simply tap on a Contact name and you will see a summary of call and session lengths and
billable amount based on the rates entered.
Can I see a daily summary report?
Yes, you can choose to see a daily or monthly summary report. The report will show the
number of Contacts made, calls and/or sessions, total length, and total billable amount based
on each Contact’s rate.
In what format can I export my call data?
Calls Accountant provides the ability to export detailed billing records, via a CSV file.
Can I email my billing report to my office for invoicing?
Yes, you can export your detailed log report and send, via Dropbox, Bluetooth, email, etc., to
your office or accountant for invoice generation and collection.
Can I use this application on my iPhone?
No, at this time Calls Accountant is only an Android application.

Common Troubleshooting:

  • Google Voice Users Google Voice inbound and outbound calls will not be tracked by Calls Accountant. Please be sure to adjust your preferences to use your mobile phone number when dialing contacts in your Calls Accountant app.
  • Mobile users with “Linked Contacts” To track calls made to any contact, please be sure to add all contact records to Calls Accountant. This may include multiple “Linked” records, per contact.