Calls Accountant

Whether you are a lawyer, doctor, counselor, consultant or anyone else needing to track time spent and total cost on your mobile phone, Calls Accountant can provide a great benefit in tracking time for billable hours.

Never Miss An Unbilled Minute Again!

Mobile Billing Made Easy

As more professionals increasingly perform their work on the go using mobile devices, work-related applications are more important than ever before. The Calls Accountant app allows you to simply load your client contact list, enter standard billing rates for phone calls or enter a different rate for specific clients. Now when you make or receive a call, your billable minutes for each client are calculated, and you can easily export your call data in spreadsheet format for entry into your main billing system.

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It easy to get started and you can be ready to go in minutes. Visit Apps on Google Play and make your purchase today for just $1.99!


“I am an independent consultant and use my mobile phone all the time with my clients. Calls Accountant

makes my life so much more convenient!”

D. Lynch

“As I am on the road for my work a lot, I find myself using my smart phone more and more while on

the go. Now that I have the Calls Accountant Android app, I see that I was losing hundreds of dollars of

billable call time.”

R. Berghorn

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